Sunday, February 12

Sugar Cookie Bake-off

Hello my lovely readers! Since today is only two days before valentines day I figured you might be in the business of sugar cookie making! We have been:)
Here at our house we decided to have a little marathon using four different (yet similar) sugar cookie recipes to save you a little bit of time! We made them all on the same day, and used the same icing so all would have an equal playing field:)

The following is our award ceremony giving credit to each recipe for its strengths and perks. 
Each cookie was awarded a ribbon for its best qualities, and we have graded them using our personal taste and judgement:)Please enjoy!

The first ribbon is a for 'Honorable Mention', and goes to: 
“Best Frosted Sugar Cookies” from the Hostess blog here

The perks of this recipe are as follows:
  • Makes large quantity
  • Full bodied (filling)
  • 60 min dough set time in fridge
  • Only need basic ingredients

 The next to last ribbon is for 'Best Traditional', and goes to:
"Melt-in-Your-Mouth Sugar Cookies" from the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook found Here (In our book: Pg 258), however the same recipe is also in the original and can be read here.

The best things about this recipe are:
  • Easy to cut out and shape
  • Great flavor and aftertaste
  • Basic & Classic
  • Easy to decorate

The next ribbon is for 'Best in a Pinch', and goes to: 
"Soft Sugar Cookies" from the New Revised Edition: The Taste of Home Cookbook (In our book: Pg 667), Here on amazon, and the recipe can be found online here
The perks of this recipe include:
  • Great bodied chewiness
  • Nutmeg & Almond extract make these rich – Yum!
  • Skip the fridge dough set time
  • Skip the cutting out time

The last and final contestant wins two ribbons! The first is for for 'Best Dough', and the second is the blue ribbon for 'Best Overall', and is awarded to: 
“Chocolate Sugar Cookies” from Martha Stewart, and the recipe can be found here.

  • Beautiful color
  • Deep, rich flavor
  • Easy to cut out (firm strong dough)
  • Chilled dough tastes like ice cream (!!)
  • Great twist by using chocolate

Well that's the lot folks! 
Thank you for reading along with our little awards ceremony! We sure had a fun day working on the cookies, and we look forward to valentines cookies next year! I hope you give one of these great recipes a try, and let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful week everyone!
xo, Emmy


  1. those cookies look so yummy!!!
    I baked cookies this weekend too and posted the photos (:
    Happy early Vday

  2. I checked out your blog karm and your cookies look heavenly! Happy early vday back! haha

  3. i love your decorations!! so fun. looks like a great time and a great way to celebrate valentines day

  4. wow! I've always wanted to do a sugar cookies marathon. :) I see people do this for Chocolate chip cookies, but getting the right sugar cookie recipe is kind of a big deal. Nice job!