Friday, February 24

Friday Finds #9

Hello dears! Wow this week has been full and busy, but than I say that just about every weekend don't I? haha well I suppose a full life is a happy life, at least for me:) 

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I've stumbled across a lot of fun things in the last week, but here's just another little list of lovely inspirations for you to enjoy!
This week I found...

...buckles, on shoes. This pair in particular I just love. These are a bit rugged, but I saw them on delicate stilettos and they worked! Not only are buckles versatile, but I think theyre kinda sexy...
Love these!

...this portrait of a garden swing. It just makes me sigh and get excited for spring! It also makes me wish we had a giant tree right in the middle of our backyard to attach a rope swing to.haha
Happy swing

...this ombre layered cake! I love pretty food, and this food blog is full of gorgeous and delicious tasting food. This cake is just the beginning!

...this hooded jacket from Nui Organics. Isn't it just darling? I'd love to add a few of these to my girls wardrobes.
nui organics organic wool rib hooded jacket sand

...the cutest little felted wool owl in the entire world. Need I say more?
he is totally adorable

...Chevron. My hubby bought me chevron earrings for valentines, and I decided to use a chevron print for my new backdrop. Its growing on me! and this dress from atlantic-pacific only makes me like it more:)

...this retro print of sunbathers. I just love everything about this shot.  

...these little lace dyed eggs! Good ol' Martha Aren't they sweet though? gets me excited for easter coming up! I like shades of one color, but I miss the other colors too much... 

..last but not least this Eggplant Roolatini recipe from sprinkles of parsley. Doesn't it just make your mouth water? 

Gosh can you tell that i'm excited for the spring and summer with this weeks collection of finds? haha I hope these pictures leave you feeling inspired and excited!

Have a lovely lovely weekend everyone!
xo, Emmy


  1. thats your baby??ouwh so cute!!
    love your blog ;)
    nice to meet you

  2. Thank you for the follow and introduction to your lovely blog! Your pictures look amazing x