Friday, February 3

Friday Finds #6

Another down folks! This week has really flown by hasn't it?! 
Here is my list of lovely finds from this past week, all of which I find lovely and inspiring in one way or another. Enjoy!

I love this ring by Rachel Pfeffer, strong and delicate at the same time.
Nested Heart Ring in Sterling Silver from Rachel Pfeffer Designs 

Maybe if I'm a really good girl these Jeffrey Campbell boots will be joining my closet for valentines day:)

Awwww, if only jewelry were more of a guy thing, than Martin would have a valentines present.haha
Silver Custom Love Birds on Branch Necklace- your choice of 2-4 initials, sterling silver filled, love valentine,  anniversary, mom's gift

A molten chocolate cake with raspberries...Wow now doesn't THAT look yummy!

Heart bokeh? I think yes!

This crimson 'like me' dress from Modcloth. Valentines pin-up shoot anyone?

Chocolate red velvet bon bons. Mmmm...

Beautiful artwork on etsy. Go have a look!
Fiona's Heart - Feather Painting Archival Print

This utterly complex and ridiculous love story. Need I say more?

Beautiful shot of poppies, makes me miss my days of more nature shoots!

I hope you all have terrific weekends!
xo, Emily


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog, found it on Dainty squid. Will read from now

  2. I'm so glad to hear it! thank you for following! great to have you!