Wednesday, February 15

A Countdown Recap

Wow those felt like two very long weeks, and yet they just flew by! Here today I just want to recap a bit on all the things that I've posted about in the last two weeks counting down to yesterday! I hope you all had a fun Valentines Day! 
Day 12 - A love song collection mix tape
Day 11 - Fabulous and fun V-day themed internet finds
Day 10 - A casual outfit in the spirit of love:)
Day 9 - A simple lip balm/gloss DIY
Day 8 - This fantastic trifle recipe from my hubby
Day 7 - A cute little paper heart DIY
Day 6 - Princess party attire inspiration
Day 5 - The best and simplest eyelash tutorial ever!
Day 4 - Another mixture of fun internet finds
Day 3 - A couple sale items from mua etsy shop
Day 2 - A sugar cookie bakeoff, four recipes included!
Day 1 - Lastly a beautiful love poem by my husband:)

There you have it! Be sure and check back in on any posts you may have missed, because they're all a lot of fun! If you wanna read the posts one right after the other, just click the 'Countdown to Valentines Day' tab in the category cloud on the bottom of the right collum.

Thanks for following along with me these last two weeks! 
What fun things did you do for valentines day this year?

Have a terrific day everybody!
xoxo, Em


  1. What an adorable post..I LOVE Valentine's Day & am so sad it's over. Anyways, love your blog & am a new follower! :)

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