Tuesday, February 28

Beau {Infant Photography Session}

Every time I shoot newborns I'm reminded of all the reasons why I love photography so much, and the session with this little guy was no different. He was such a perfect little angel, and literally did exactly what I asked him to every time! He was so sweet and so cooperative, and so photogenic! Here are a few pictures from my session with new baby Beau:
Have you been around any newborns lately? 
Xo, Emmy


  1. These photos are gorgeous! Not to mention your subject is ADORABLE! makes me have baby fever haha

  2. beautiful name for a beautiful baby!+ photography obviously!

  3. new follower :)! my last name is Myers* what a handsome man!

  4. Hi Emily!

    What's your email so I can send you some sponsorship info.? Thanks!

    Melissa Barrett from Grin and Barrett Blog

  5. Yeah no problem Melissa! My email is Thanks for joining!


  6. He is SO sweet! He looks so mature in that first photo, haha! oh, his eyes! xo Nikki