Monday, January 23

Whats in my bag?

Hello all! Lately I've been seeing a lot of people displaying 'whats in their bags' for all the world to see, so I decided it was about time I joined the throng by publishing my first ever 'Whats in my bag?' post. Enjoy!

Right now I'm using my medium GG bag that I bought at the mall a few years ago. I keep going back to it because of all the dividers and compartments, the large straps, the easy-to-open snap closure, and the basic color that goes with just about everything. Also you can't really see it in the pictures, but this bag is like Mary Poppins purse, aka it can hold lots of fun stuff. First I just dumped everything out, than I organized it all out so you could see everything better:

- my mommy wallet of course. I call it that cuz its huge, and because I never needed one that big when the kiddos started comin:)
- fruit snacks, and a blow pop... for the children of course:)
- one clunky old Ipod.
- gum. always love me some minty gum.
- keys
- mini camera, jus in case I don't have 'the big one' with me.haha
- hoops. they go with everything.
- two lighters (don't smoke).
- some light lotion.
- five pens. five.
- two clips and a few hair ties. you never know when you wanna get your hair out of your eyes:).
- touch-up polish for my toesies.
- change.
- Tylenol, in an  travel sized Ibuprofen bottle.haha
- hand sanitizer (for after thrifting:).
- clear nail polish, for a myriad of handy purposes.
- sunglasses.
- nail maintenance tools, for when you're stuck in traffic.
- travel static guard to prevent horrible embarrassments. need i say more?
- oh and my personal favorite purse item, organic applesauce anyone? mmm...
- floss. you know when you're eating out and, yeah... saved!
- phone. due for a major upgrade, but for now it does the trick.
- lip gloss, and mascara, for chapped lips and eye touch-ups of course.
- and last but not least, a few Emergen-C packets. gotta feed baby his vitamins right?

Well, wasn't that just exciting?! haha Hope you've enjoyed this little peek in my bag! and I hope have a lovely lovely day, 
xo, Emily

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