Monday, January 30


Its been a quiet evening, just the two of us, with the kiddos off to sleep. 
These colds are definitely shifting things around, but not in an unpleasant way really, it just means more time together, more quiet times like tonight. Hopefully the girly's will feel better soon, because its so sad to see our happy girls without their huge smiles and loud fits of giggling.

I've been spending so much quiet time at home this week, and I am not normally a very quiet person, but I just love every second of it; the sewing machine humming, the smells of baked goods in the air, the click-click of my keyboard, or the shutter sound as I take a picture or four, or twenty. 

I've watched myself get in a mode, and turn chores into a relaxing rhythm, and just be, and enjoy everything around me. It gives me time to notice just how much in this house I am grateful for on a daily basis. I love it all. It is home.
Looking forward to some wonderful changes this week! A few long anticipated home improvements, meeting new friends, exciting recipes to try, and a few fun trips for the kiddos.

Hope you have a lovely lovely week!
xo, Emmy


  1. darling, is that your hexie quilt!?! Seriously, two days ago I busted out all my scraps to start one.
    Question for you (assuming that quilt is yours): do you back the hexies or do you leave it raw since it will be sewn down?

  2. haha Yes it is mine, and I leave them raw! a new take on the pattern i know, but so much fun! Go check out the finished hexie quilt I have in my etsy shop for a better look!
    oh and thank you so much for joining, you're awesome!