Tuesday, January 10

mix tape #2

Here is this months mix tape, inspired by every ones new years resolutions to workout and get into shape!! I love exercising in many many different ways, mostly some good weight lifting with a run or two thrown in the mix. Some people are really picky about what they listen to when at the gym, but for me, anything with a really strong fast beat works like a charm getting me motivated and energized. I did however choose some good favorites for this mix ranging from the old to the new.
Once again all the songs are lined right up in a "mix tape" format, with each song leading you to a YouTube video of the performance.
Today is mix tape #2. (inspired by the fabulous bluebird) view my first easy listening mix here
Please do enjoy:)

1. stole my heart - little and ashley
2. 11th dimension - julian casablancas
3. burn the fleet - thrice
5. more to life - stacie orrico
6. i believe i can fly - me first and the gimme gimmes
7. pumped up kicks - foster the people
8. paradise - coldplay

1. zombie - the cranberries
2. you found me - kelly clarkson
3. she bop - Cyndi lauper
4. rumour has it - adele
5. houdini - foster the people
6. price tag - xenia from the voice
7. tighten up - the black keys

I hope you enjoyed the song list today!! and if you find a new song or artist for that matter that you really like let me know!

xoxo, Emily
P.S. like last time, let me say once again that I'm not endorsing the videos, just the music:)

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