Wednesday, January 11

a few words from martin: office day

Em and I spent yesterday morning sorting, sorting, sorting bills and office. We had the two little girls in their highchairs and kept them in food and toys but they seemed more interested in all our shuffling and filing.
We both work from home. I dabble in my writing of course aside from being a rental properties manager. Emily takes on the harder responsibilities of the home (-she is the more capable of us two!) I’m always amazed at how much she can get done in a day and how well she does it. Photography, Cooking, Sewing, Cleaning… When it comes to being a parent she’s an especially gifted gal. She makes me look like a good dad who knows what he’s doing. I’d never changed a dirty nappy until our first child. Her tutorials on diaper changing 101 have saved me numerous times.
I’d been dreading this particular office day. It represents the new year, and we still had much of the old one to clean up. We still had old boxes tucked in the corner from our move. We still had accounting going back nearly a year to check and recheck. Well it went brilliantly. Emily found her old high school basketball pictures that I’d never seen & I found an unopened Paris Review with a great interview of P.G. Wodhouse. We’ve a new goal for the year to spend ½ a day in the office together each week keeping those zerks greased.
Mine is the lucky lot to be able to spend time with her here and there throughout the week (more than many hubbies). Sometimes it is in the kitchen, sometimes a walk. When her mother’s over we might slip away for a grocery date. Whatever it is its usually much more fun than office work, but even that’s not too bad when we’re chained to our desks working together. :)


( Hey folks! I've decided to periodically let you all hear from my partner in crime, starting with today! A good way I think to get a different opinion and perspective from behind the scenes, and also maybe a little break from my ramblings day after day:) )

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