Thursday, January 26

DIY: Vintage Style Silhouette Wall Art

This was so much fun, and turned out to be so much easier than even I thought! You will be oh so pleased with yourself after you dress up your walls with this super-simple project using mainly spray paint and plywood. This project takes very little time, other than waiting for the paint to dry. My approach was to achieve a more old fashioned-rustic look, but you could choose to use a finer honed board to eliminate the grains. This would create a finer overall outcome of your silhouettes.I've used a pictorial step-by-step approach to make this d.i.y. easier to follow.

I chose to do the silhouettes of my two little girls, but you could easily do any other family members, pets, monograms, or other icons to hang anywhere around the house. Enjoy!

Tools/supplies used:
  • Black and white spray paint (fast drying is ideal:))
  • Lumber cut to size
  • Face mask and gloves (optional)
  • Small detail paint brush
  • Silhouette of subject (see further instructions below)
  • Electrical tape
  • Ribbon or rope 
  • Small screws
  • Small paint containers

Step 1: Begin by laying your board out in a ventilated project area, and spray the top surface black, re-coating as you deem necessary. (side note: some people may choose to inverse the colors making a white silhouette)

Step 2: While your wood is drying, bring up your images in a word document and enlarge to the size you want. Print. (note: I chose to edit my pictures to the 'drawn' setting so as to be able to see the silhouette better. Another alternative would be to simply turn the image black and white.)

Step 3: Trace your outline with a pencil to form your neck base and make any changes you would like. ( Adding eyelashes, hair, etc.) 

Step 4: Cut out image.

Step 5: Choose desired direction you want your subject facing, lay centered on your (dry!) black painted board, and begin spraying your white directly from above. Make sure to keep cut-out held down firmly with your fingertips while spraying to avoid leaking and over-spray.

Step 6: Carefully remove your cut-out to reveal your almost-finished silhouette!

Step 7: Spray paint into a small container.

Step 8: Use your fine detail brush to touch up any lines where the white may have bled through. 

Step 9: You may choose to touch up some of your white as well.

Step 10: Line your board with electrical tape smoothing out any bumps.

Step 11: Cut your hanging rope or ribbon to desired length, and screw to the top of your board. Remember to keep them equal distances from each side to ensure a level mount.

Step 12: Hang and enjoy!

xo, Emily

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