Wednesday, November 2

a lovely weekend

This past weekend we've had the pleasure of visiting 'the cabin' again just as a family. We go there as often as we can get away just to be all alone together, and for a number of other reasons, and each trip turns out being a little different. The one thing we can always expect however is some good quiet family time.

This trip included some fun treats, a sniffle or two:(, some long walks to the river and through the woods, Lots of time spent enjoying the hot water pools, sewing, writing, lots and lots of quiet time, special treats, a few late movie nights, and some lovely sleep-ins. Eleanor got much more out of this trip than she ever has i think. She loved our daily walks, eating oranges, and foraging for sticks and rocks with Martin.

Here, as you could already guess, are a few pictures of the lovely scenery, and of one of those walks, down to the hot pools by the river:

We hope to come back very soon. What trips are you and your family planning on takeing this fall/winter?

xo, Emily

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