Tuesday, October 4

DIY: Framed Corkboard, Multipurpose Wall Decor

This project was so fun and very easy! I wanted to have a place in the girls room to display Ellie's artwork without getting the walls cluttery, and so i thought a giant cork board would just about do the trick! Follow the steps to see just  how fun and easy this can be!:

Supplies and tools I used:
  • Frame
  • Cork board that fits frame
  • Electric Drill
  • Paint Mask
  • Small gauge of wire. not to thick, not to flimsy
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Frog Tape
  • Small Paint Brush
  • White Gloss Enamel Spray Paint
  • Large screw with Mollie
Tips for starting out:
-Chose a frame, and than a cork board that fits into your frame. Not the other way around. I Thrifted my frame for $4.00 last year, and its been hanging around, empty, for a while. The cork board came from Costco for around $10.00. I didn't even think to put them together when I bought the cork board, it was martins idea! cleaver cracker... If you like the color of your frame already, that's great! leave out the spray paint, frog tape, paint mask, and the small paint brush! Not everyone needs a paint mask anyways, I'm just a baby I guess:)

Step #1
Chose a piece of cement or gravel outside (no grass because it will mess up your painting process), I chose a nasty room that hasn't been painted in the basement yet:) place all your tools in a stack in the cornor, dawn your mask, and start painting! Once you've reached every nook and cranny that you can with it in that position, leave it to dry. That was the most exciting part for me, the painting:) Even though I love gold, that frame was matte and just...ugly. moving on! After your paint is all dry on the front, flip it over and do the edges and back! You don't want nasty color showing from the side:)
Step #2
My corkboards frame was showing when I placed it under the frame, so I taped the sides of the corkboard and used the same spray to paint the edges! I used the mini paint brush to tough up those tiny areas.
Step # 3
This is where I got a little ahead of myself and stopped taking pictures.ha ha Step 3 is (in case your frame doesn't have hangers already like mine didn' take your drill, and (marking spots with a pencil or just eyeballing it) drill two holes a few inches from the right and left sides of the frame. The closer together you put them, the more unsteady your frame will be on the wall. Once that's done you're going to cut a piece of wire long enough to go through the holes and than twist back on itself! like so:
Step #4 
Next you're going to take your dried cork board and place it snuggle inside your frame. Most frames aren't accustomed to fitting more than the thickness of a photo, hence the Gorilla Glue. If you trust another glue brand, that's your paragotive:) So, I took the glue and squeezed it into all the places that the frame met the cork board. If it only connects in a few places, make sure you reinforce it in those places at least! You need to be careful with Gorilla Glue that you don't over-glue, because this type of glue expands considerable during the drying process, which actually makes it hold together better, so no worries:)
 After my glue was dry, I sprayed it white too (it dried an orangy yellow).
Now is the fun Part! The Hanging! that sounds real morbid I know...
Make sure if you have kids that you have someone to keep them busy while you hang it on the wall, (or else you're bound to lose your lens cap) it will greatly help with the process!
Here's the finished product from the back:
 You can see in this picture below how I used the glue in at least three places on each side:
Step #5
Hold it up to the wall where you think you want it hanging. Once you find the place, mark it with a pencil mark on the wall near the middle of the frame at the top. Eyeball how far below the place you marked is the wire hanger. using your drill again, drill a tiny hole in the wall and insert your mollie and your screw. Hang. Stand back, and admire!
I absolutely love how this turned out! I want to do one for each of the girls, then when it gets full they can rotate out something old!
Also, I chose to use this fancy frame, but I've seen it done with all types of small frames in a little cluster, also a great idea! maybe I'll find a round frame and matching cork board for Sophie...

Hope the directions make sense! Again, its way easier than I thought, and I know you'll be so surprised at how fast it goes! if you have any questions just leave a comment.

Happy corking!

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  1. LOVE the "vintage" looking frame! :) You should totally enter this project into Craftbaby's DIY a Corkboard Challenge! :)