Sunday, October 9

6 funny habits

hi! so, i have lots of silly/embarrassing habits and i thought it would make a funny blog post. Feel free to blog yours too and link them here... it's sorta fun! enjoy....

1. I can't stop messing with my necklace, especially in nervous situations. and if I'm not wearing a necklace, i find myself stroking my neck.haha
2. Whenever i get scared or startled i tend to lash out in a 360. Like a spinning ninja. Beware if you are anywhere within range of my muscly frame! :)

3. I play with my eye lashes a lot. i like to hold my finger still and blink slowly and feel them. i know weird. Its something i wish i could curb, but i guess its just part of me!

4.  I'm scared of the dark. still. so whenever i have to complete a task outside at night or in the dark basement, i usually do it at lightening speed and avoid looking around corners!

5. I slouch too much. When i was younger and playing the piano a lot i would have better posture, but its been a little while and I'm back to Quasimodo most the time. Unless I'm wearing 5-inch heels, than I'm super straight!

6. Obsessions.... i get super obsessed with something and go crazy buying the supplies or googling it till two in the morning. It can go on for anywhere between a few hours or a few months, till i switch to the next thing. it can be anything, a new hobby, a new band, anything

Now you know all my deep dark secrets. What are yours? Confess! XO. Emily

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  1. haha how funny. I must say I love this post its fun and it lets your readers see a different side of you! :) mine would be that I have a hard time saving my money because there are so mnany things that I want haha