Saturday, September 10

Tomatoes in Jars

I’ve always loved fall, for a multitude of reasons, but one of the top reasons is because of all the fresh fruit and vegetables that accumulate on the counter, in the fridge, on the fridge, in the cubbards, cabinets, and on the porch. Most of the produce comes from family, than some from friends, and occasionally we’ve been offered some from strangers… we’ve never been subject to any late night ding-dong-ditching of zucchini in the middle of the night however, though i hear it has happened. well anyways back to the point: last year my wonderful mother-in-law Kathi invited me to participate in the ladies tomato canning fest, and I got so excited and pumped about canning, but never got a chance with the big move and all that. well this year we ended up with a HUGE amount of tomatoes from marty’s mum, and we decided that this was the time to just go for it. So here are some of the vegetablesfruits of our labors. no pun intended:)

Thanks to my bestie Shannon for helping me with the first trial run all on our own. Scary! We learned a lot though, and had some laughs, and how empowering as mommies to be able to can! It felt great, and she has a bunch of jars just like these on her pantry shelf now:) We just know that from now on she just has to come over to my house to use my stove top. dang! another excuse to get together.haha
what vegetables would you like to preserve this fall?
happy weekend!


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