Saturday, September 3

a sudden memory

you know I actually remember being 5?

I remember going into my parents room the night before my birthday with something to say, and it was important!
I had made a fantastic discovery.
I informed them that the following morning I would be turning 5,
that Emily had 5 letters in it,
that Farnes (my middle name) had six letters in it which’s only one more than 5,
that I had 5 fingers and 5 toes,
that the year before my 5th birthday was nineteen-ninty-5,
that my hair was brown, which had 5 letters in it as well,
and last but not least, that I only had 5 things on my birthday wish list.
“Everything with me has Five!” I remember telling them. Yep. I think my mom and dad probably thought that their youngest daughter was most deffinantly a genius.
or at least they knew she could count to five.haha I bet they especially liked that last one about the birthday wishes:)
funny how old memories will just pop in your head every once in a while, and you don’t even remember exactly what age you were or what was going on in the world. well anyways
Here’s to random memories.

whats the farthest back memory you have? i wanna know!

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