Friday, September 30


I had a bunch of random things I wanted to mention, so prepare yourself for a strange, random post. Prepared? Read on.

*First things first. Since I have a lot of bookwork to do for the hubby, and a lot of sewing/photo catchup work do this weekend, my shop will be closed for the first time EVER until early October. All orders are on their way however! yay for me.
*I broke an egg into the garbage can yesterday. who does that?
*Wondering if Kent wants meat pie Again tomorrow, or if i should be more creative for dinner.
*Is everyone aware of Cold Stone's birthday club? Sign up, and get free Ice Cream!
*It seems like anything can make me laugh recently. Is that funny? no pun intended:)
*If you are not a current user of pinterest, please join. it .will. change. your. life.
* So excited for a Utah trip coming up on the 8th! so fun to see family.
*I've been having strange cravings for wendy's chicken nuggets lately. me want chicken!

*I ran to drop off a movie today with the girls and didn't realize until i was standing at the redbox that i didn't have any shoes on...
*I'm going to try my hand at upholstery in October. so excited! and intimidated.
*Must remember to drop off the library books...
*If i had a million dollars, I'd buy a second house. the one next door, and than I'd build a tunnel going from that house to this one. that would be sweet.
*Did you know only 11% of all the people in the whole world are left handed. I'm right handed so...
*I've been wanting to wear leopard a lot lately. that is weird.
Hmm... anything else?
* I just found out that Ralph Lauren's real name is Ralph Lifshitz. tragic. I woulda changes my name too...
*Has everyone seen Dan in Real Life? (*SPOILERS!*) I think Every movie should have a wedding at the end.

How's that for random?
Happy weekend everybody!

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