Friday, September 16

Q&A a day: a 5 year jounal

Off and on I’ve been hearing about this 5 year journal, and finally I decided to check it out. last week I followed links to and I decided I wanted one. Yes, I know this blog is an online diary, but I really love the idea of keeping an intimate record of each day in a journal I can hold in my hand. So, I ordered myself this little gem, and it arrived today!
Each page has a different question at the top, and then 5 set spaces, each with a different year, for you to jot down a sentence answering the question. Each day & over the years you can read what answers you gave to the same question the year before. Isn’t that just wonderful?
via google
I’m thinking i might wait till the new year to start it, but so far I’ve been enjoying reading the questions, which range from “Where do you want to travel next?” to “Where do you think your road is going?”… from the literal to the abstract.
It will be interesting to see how much or if my answers change!
My sentimental self is hoping that someday my grandchildren will find it & think it’s a special keepsake :)
you should go check it out!
P.S. You’ll have to forgive the no makeup thing, it was really early in the i just love how my funky eyes stand out in these pictures.
P.S.S. So i realize that these are actually the first pictures of my face looking at the camera so far on this blog, and its not even my whole face. yikes! that breaks about 8 common blogging laws I think. sorry:(

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