Monday, September 26

a goal

I just wanna talk real quick about running , something i've picked up again lately.
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when i was little i was never much of a runner, but when i was 15 years old my family went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, NY and i started running the asphalt path beside our campground every night. I did it alone, i did it for a month straight, and i did it in my pj's and bare feet. Why? because i loved the feeling that it was just all me, in the quite, with my heart racing, nothing to pull me down or get in my way. it was awesome.
Well i'd like to say that i kept on running and made it to marathons before i was 15, but i didn't:) actually i ended up with a bad case of the shin splints from running so far without support.ha ha But ever since then i think, i've loved running. the whole freedom of it.
In the begginning of the summer, i started working out every morening at 5;30 with one of my best girlfriends, and last month i started running on the treadmill to warm up. Shannon and i are the one who rush past our cardio so we can get to the hardcore stuff, but one morning i ran a 1/4 of a mile, and than a few days later i ran 1/2, than 1 1/4 and so on i kept watching that dile and pushing myself to another quarter of a mile, and now i really love my warm ups! I love to run while jamming out to my ipod, and a strong, fast beat is especially helpful to keep my feet hitting the track over and over when I want to give up, am out of breath, and don't think I can keep going.
With all this new confidence and pride in my running, i've made a goal to run a marathon Someday:)
I'm really gonna do it! and shannon's gonna do it with me! right lady? haha
xo, Emily

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