Saturday, August 13

something both old and new

Martin and I were driving down the road in town today when he yelled “pull over!!” right as I was going through an intersection. I than screeched to the right and zoomed around oncoming traffic to pull into a driveway and say “what?!” well turns out he wanted me to stop because he’d seen some street venders while driving by and he’s seen the curved top of this lovely tufted sofa. Once we got a glimpse of the sofa I knew it was coming home with us! from what I can see, its in flawless condition. a few cracks in the wood on the back, but it adds to the vintage appeal! I could tell by the woodwork and color that it was a genuine antique, and by its materials good condition that it had been refurbished. Sure enough it was made in 1881, but the upholstery was brand new!! hence the “old and new” title. an antique that’s new to our house:)
what a find *le sigh*… these tufts in the middle are my favorite:

The price was actually very good to begin with, but still a little high for the poor yet happy couple. The Mr. talked her down 200 dollars!! And although I won’t tell you the ending price, I’ll tell you that it was a HUGE chunk off it… and she threw in this chair for next to nothing, like I’m talking low two digits. crazy.

So martin walked back to the house to get his pickup (we were just down the street, but still), and i sat in this lovely velvet chair and looked at old versions of Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post’ till he came back and it was loadin time, and taking home to admire and sit on them time. On that note they are SO comfortable! Anyways, love them to death. Everything I’ve dreamed of.haha Perfect in the parlor, although they make my other sofa look like crap… oh well, I’ll just have to find another one! anyone know where I could locate one? :)
now to keep the crackers and slobber off this gorgeous material…
good luck to me, I know!!
here’s to foraging for antiques, and scoring!! and here’s to a happy weekend to you all:)

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