Thursday, August 4

The journey of a dreamer

I have a problem with waiting in almost every area of my life.
I like to dream about my future and then try to jump ahead.
I get glimpses of who i was created to be,
or what kind of people he wants to bring down my path.
This makes me want to skip the in-between,
But deep down I know that it’s the in-between that makes the end so incredible.
It’s in the in-between that my character is built,
my desires are refined,
and my faith is made stronger.
Of course I know that in reality,
If I jumped ahead,
I wouldn’t be ready for the situations and circumstances I would find myself in,
whether good or bad.
Therefore I will wait and try to be as patient as possible.
I won’t waste this time wishing to be somewhere else,
but I’ll be sure to become all I can be and learn every lesson possible.
Then when the in-between is over, I’ll be ready.
because before I know it, that place after the in-between is already here…
and once again he has helped me skip ahead.
So I will treasure the in-between,
and let myself dream about the future and what I want and hope to accomplish there,
because my future is happening

1 comment:

  1. Eloquent. I always picture myself as a great grandmother with all my children and their kids surrounding me, sitting in the shade of a tree telling stories. Jess Lively discussed this in a podcast, likening it to going rafting down a river. Some people will want to just get in a car and drive to the end of the river but others will revel in the adventure of taking the boat down the river. The adventure is important too.