Monday, August 8

Dear Laundry,

to the rather large Pile-O-Laundry that sits in a unsettlingly huge wrinkly pile on my tile floor:
(source unknown)

YOU- ME- tonight. the bedroom. Bow chicka bow-wow… ♥ Emily
challenge to all: never take laundry out of the dryer till you’re sure that you can sit for a little while and fold it!! just do what i usually do and leave it in the bin till dirty, or leave it in the dryer clean for a day or so, than quickly fluff it for a few minutes on a short cycle when you’re sure you have the time to fold it right after. it’ll never be wrinkly!
have a wonderful day:)

P.S. When you are getting ready to throw a load of laundry in, and you see a pair of gym shorts, semi-folded at the base of the bed -just throw them into the basket and wash them. If you try to check if they are clean by putting your nose in them, the result could be a rather unpleasant experience. not that thats happened to me, i’m just sayin. don’t risk it:)
P.S.S. in all aspects of laundry, and life in general, I have the most patient husband. in the entire world. end of story.

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