Sunday, July 27

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: Guys it's nearly August! How did that happen?! Let me first just say that we've really been living it up this Summer and have been taking it by storm, but I'm secretly counting down the days till the nights start cooling off a bit more, and the air stops smelling like heat and more like spices:) 
Overall this week was one of the more productive weeks we've had in a while, mostly because Martin had a bit more off-time than usual and helped me get ahead on a few things. We also had a few extra fun outings, get-togethers, family activities, and even a reunion! The reunion was a big day at the lake for Martin's side of the family, and it turned out to be such a bigger deal than I expected, mainly because with all our lil' kids we didn't think we'd get to do much. Well I want to post about it later on but basically between all the grandmas, aunts, and cousins (and borrowed life-jackets) we had a super fun day:) Great end to a great week!
To-do's and Goals for the Week:
- start potty-training John?
- clean the office
- post another video
- find some discount candles 
- make ice-cream with the kiddies
- finish building the rabbit hutches 
- start a new show
- empty the pics off my phone
- catch up on emails
- make a quiche
- take a nap or two
- wash the windows

A Few Facts: 

  • I do have a candle addiction. After Christmas Martin buys me like 100 at 75% off.haha
  • I think snails are adorable and would like some as pets
  • One of the biggest things I miss about the east coast is the thunderstorms.

Have a great rest of your Sunday folks, and I'll see you back here Monday for the start of a fun week!
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  1. Lovely photos! The top right one and the middle one are really cute. How annoying is it when your phone is full of rubbishy photos!?

  2. I love candles!! It looks like you had a fun week and weekend. Hopefully you can hit some or all of those goals this week! Have a great Monday.
    Allison over at

  3. I love snails, too, and I agree they'll make great pets. A plus: not so fast to run away ;-)
    I can't believe it's August already, I have so much planned for the next month that I'm not quite ready for it to come yet. Your pictures from the lake look dreamy <3

  4. Love your photos - so pretty! It looks like a great weekend :) never thought of snails as pets, but I bet they'd be super easy to entertain!

  5. I would love to see a video tutorial for the Pompadour Bun

  6. Love your photos so lovely! I'd love to have a big reunion x