Friday, January 25

Friday Finds #51

This week I found...

...this outfit, which I know is all black and grey, but I am navigating towards black so much lately! haha love it all

...this amazing recipe for cabbage and potatoe soup with bacon. oh man, what a good combination!
Potato & Savoy cabbage soup with bacon

...this adorable parakeet clutch. Maybe its just because I had parakeets growing up, but this is just the cutest thing to me.

...this necklace from h&m, I just wish it was still available! I'm always falling in love with limited additions:(

...this recipe for gen tsos chicken?! I can't wait to try it, because that's a fav of mine! Yummy!
General Tso's Chicken

...this pair of boots from free people. Man, I would love forever the person who found a pair for sale:(
ah yes.

...this image from a wedding or some sorts, but I love the idea of hanging vintage cages like that

...this quote, which I had on a shirt when I was little. I wonder if I still have that somewhere?
Woman #quotes #spicie

...these three kitties in hats. I know I posted cats last week, but Come On! Too cute!
amazing cats

...this amazing looking pomegranit recipe. mmmm I can almost taste it looking at the pictures!
pomegranate chocolate dessert

...this has got to be the most amazing tree-house that I've ever seen! If I could have a wish...
i want this tree house

Well dearies, what is something inspiring YOU this week? I'd love to hear or see!
xo, Em

P.S. A special hello if you are visiting from the Wonder Forrest! :)


  1. I love that black outfit... super cute!! And that necklace is to die for! We are supposed to be getting an H&M here in Louisville, KY this May and I can't wait!

  2. Cute outfit - and those boots!? So great. :)

  3. Mmm. That cabbage & potato soup looks good. Of course I'd eat it without the bacon :)

    Cute finds!

  4. Love your choice of pics, the cats are just too cute! And those recipes look divine!

    Loving your blog

    Raphaelle xx

  5. Love the outfits! OMG how cute are those kittens!?!?

    Have a great weekend!
    World According to Shia

  6. You rock the Friday Favorites out of all the blogs I watch. I love your choices! That outfit is Tres Chic. I used to read Lauren Conrad but she is so boring compared to you!

  7. Oh my goodness, I love that yellow clutch! Love!

    I don't know what size you wear but those boots are available in black here on ebay...


  8. Wow! That tree house is AWESOME! *_*

  9. A spiral staircase?! Are you kidding me?! I love, LOVE that treehouse!