Tuesday, January 17

A dress makeover

Hello my darlings! Today I just wanted to share these pictures from a little dress makeover I did last month! This cute little dress was purchased by my friend Shannon for a Christmas party. We had lots of fun making some changes to it. Here is the before:

Here are some of the alterations done to the gown:
  • Cinch the bust line in a little bit (we wanted to be able to see her thin ribcage)
  • Lengthen the gown (though a little leg isn't a bad thing, especially for this lady:)
  • Straighten out the hemline (through a succession of graduated pleats along the bottom)
  • Add a pop of festive (without going over the top)
Here she is in the finished product! Isn't she just stunning?!?
I'm sure she'll thank me for putting up a cellphone picture of her, but she looks gorgeous anyways. And I have to thank her for letting me help her out with the dress!  It was a lot of fun!

What things are you doing with friends this week?
xo, Emily

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