Wednesday, October 30

A Haunting We Will Go :)

            Happy All Hallow's Eve Eve my dears!!

     Tomorrow is Halloween and it's been the best year yet as a family preparing for it! We've been able to do all of our old family traditions (which isn't a very big list yet), and still keep October relaxed and super fun, and we've added in a few new things that we'll definitely try to keep doing moving forward! Doing a spooky photoshoot might become a new tradition because executing this vision by our dear friend Roxana Baker was magical:) 

     You guys know that I love having so many opportunities to work with different people through this job, but my favorite part of it is when a photographer or artist or creator has a vision in mind of something they want to shoot and then a handful of incredibly talented people get together to make it come to life!

     As I said, for this shoot our amazing photographer friend Roxana (@RoxanaBPhotography) had the vision of this shoot and invited us to participate, then we were so lucky to have Tara Johnson of @fringewithbenefits801 do some awesome makeup on us, Natalie Wynn of Natalie Wynn Design (who I've had the honor of modeling for on several other times) made this absolutely incredible dress that fit like a freaking glove and was just way too ethereal to believe, and then this awesome bouquet was created by Connor Nesbit of Leuca Floral who makes absolutely gorgeous bouquets and arrangements! I'm always stunned at what he includes and how fantastic it all looks together.

     Well anyways I hope you have a fun and spooky holiday tomorrow! I can't wait to share what we've been working on for our costumes over the last couple weeks. We've had years as a family where we could go mostly all homemade and then years where we ended up rushing to the store last minute to grab some, which is totally fine either way of course, but the process of sewing them is my absolute favorite and it's been a blast.  I just love us all sitting down and plann ing/picking everyone's favorite characters, going to the store together and picking out fabrics or digging around in my stores, then the different days spent one on one as I do fittings for each kiddo and the little conversations we get to have just the two of us. We're creating memories that are so special-even if the sewing/art room looks like a bomb blew up in it.hahaha

      Would you share some of your family Halloween Traditions in the comments? I'd love to get some more ideas to start doing!!



  1. These photos are so gorgeous! I love the outfit and the makeup ♥ Perfect for Halloween photos!

  2. I quite sadly don't really have any Halloween traditions, but maybe this will be the inspiration I needed to start some!

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