Friday, August 24

Friday Finds #32

Five senses for Friday:
Touching: my water bottle constantly. I've been so thirsty this week, its been really hot!
Hearing: the washing machine running, all week long it seems. So many clothes... :)
Smelling: the damp from the rain. Actually a very refreshing and clean smell tonight:) 
Tasting: soon it'll be the orange chicken and rice cooking on the stove. Mmmm, can't wait.
Seeing: so many things around me that need done, and feeling excited about progress!

This week I found...

...this Molten chocolate lava cake from the fabulous Pioneer Woman. This looks and sounds just so good to me right now, I may be making a single serving just for one!

...this cheaty picture of not one, but six outfits for fall! I'm huge on scarves and on skinny jeans, and as for the boots? this gal *thumbs at chest* actually just bought a pair of knee high brown boots for fall and I'm so excited! Shhh... husband doesn't know yet.hehehe)
Fall with boots. by cmslater21 on Polyvore

...this amazing mosaic staircase. I just love looking at all the different angles and reading about how it all came together. Visit the site and see for yourself!
Amazing Mosaic Tiled Staircase in San Francisco (10)

...this easy and chic messenger bag. Currently looking for one for the hubs, but this one would probably be more for me:) 
messenger bag

...this wonderfully pastel bunch of macaroons. I've been posting them for months because they are just so pretty, but this picture has finally inspired me to take the plunge and make some! Watch me:)
mmm pastel maccaroons!

...this amazing owl ring from Modcloth! amazing. I love owls I know, but even if I didn't how could I not be slightly in love with a little bird in glasses perched on my finger? how?

...this recipe for homemade laundry soap from Christen! I've been working on turning most of my daily products to homemade or organic, and laundry detergent is next on my list!

...this recipe for chocolate peanut butter surprise cookies from Big! You had me at chocolate and peanut butter! That is always a winning combo in my book:)

...this little corner of a girls room. I know its bad quality, but as a mother to two little girls I couldn't help but awww at it. I fantasize about filling their room with vintage girliness:)

...this quote shared by Joelle. Something I've been thinking about a lot lately!
Monday's Mantra

...this Fabulous pair of white Mary Janes from Christian Louboutin. Nuff said.
Christian Louboutin  White Mary Jane

What are you excited for this weekend? For me its some much needed sleeping in:)
xo, Emily


  1. Can I just have everything on this list?!?!

  2. Oh goodness, you always manage to find the most delicious looking recipes... molten lava cake?! I've never heard of such a thing, but anything with chocolate and ice cream on the side is good to me. :)

  3. I love that messenger bag! It's so cute. But I may have to quite stopping by your blog while I'm at work because your food finds always make me drool on my laptop!

  4. You should definitely try and make macarons soon! I've made them a few times, but they aren't nearly as pretty as the ones you posted :) I think that just means I need to practice...can't wait to see how they turn out for you!

    And thanks for the shout out my dear! Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  5. Fabulous post! I adore your blog! So glad i found it, now following :)


    Ali B

  6. I LOVE those heals! What a fun list!!

  7. Oh, you're killing me with those chocolate peanut butter surprise cookies! MMMMMMmmmmmm... Now my keyboard is covered in drool (too gross?)


  8. omg, the lava-cake & cokiees looks so delicoius yum!
    & i love the light heels of the last pic, so cool :)
    bisous xxx

  9. Love the pictures!! I'm freaking obsessed with lava cakes hahahaha